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A unique solution
developed for the benefit of our clients

In-house Research & Development

A Development Process

The development of our Limited Company (or Personal Service Company – PSC) solution, enabling you to use your UK or other foreign limited company to work in various EU countries, stems from the dedication and professionalism of our qualified accountants and our internal Research and Development (R&D) Department.

Our R&D team do exactly as you would expect; they undertake the research and development and explore the regulatory and legal requirements of various foreign countries (in conjunction with our network of European associates) in which you, as a contractor, may wish to work via your limited company.

As a team they work to ensure that all home and work country tax and statutory reporting requirements are observed and adhered to through this solution.

We are currently able to offer the solution in a number of European countries including Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK. With continued research and development, we hope to add additional countries in which the solution is viable.

How it works

Our solution know how is very valuable to us – it is our Intellectual Property and somewhat technical in nature. However, as an overview, through this solution, we localise your company, and yourself (if necessary), in the work country for the duration of your contract. We ensure that the applicable local authorities are notified accordingly and that you are aware of, and observe, your tax compliance obligations in the work country and at home.

Benefits for you

A unique offering

By working with ATA, you can compliantly contract via your limited company in ten EU countries, with more solutions being developed

Compliance assured

Contracting this way will enable you to operate compliantly, both at home and in the work country, giving you and your agency/end client complete peace of mind

Continuity of operations

If you already have an existing Limited Company through which you contract, you can continue with your usual and familiar method of working and avoid the hassle of operating in a new and potentially less beneficial way

Tax efficient

This is the most tax efficient way of contracting

High retention rates

You can achieve a higher retention rate than you would by being employed, or working via an umbrella company

Broad range of allowable expenses

You can claim all expenses incurred ‘wholly and exclusively’ for the business

Safeguard your finances

You keep complete control of your finances. This means that you do not have to risk your money with any third party or umbrella company

Limited Liability

Your personal liability is limited

Access your money

A Limited Company can pay out dividends to its shareholder(s) at any frequency, throughout the course of the year, provided that it has adequate retained earnings, it holds board meetings every time it decides to pay out dividends, and records the resolution passed in the meetings

Grow your business

Working through a Limited Company helps you to create a professional image and may enhance relations with your clients

Look after your future

You may wish to take out a company pension scheme to provide for your retirement in a tax efficient manner, which can be done through this solution

At Access Tax & Accounting, we have the Solution & Knowledge to meet your needs:

Need some clarification?

Ready to ‘Go Limited’?

What ATA will do for you:

  • Advise and assist you with any local registration requirements in the work country
  • Ensure that any income tax and social charges due on your salary in the work country are clearly outlined and assist you to pay them on time accordingly
  • Prepare and submit your personal income tax return in the work country
  • Depending upon your circumstances, we will help you/your accountant to apply for an employed A1 certificate of coverage so that you can continue to contribute National Insurance Contributions (NICs) on your salary in the country in which you are currently contributing, rather than paying into the work country social security system
  • If you are refused an A1 then we will register you for social security in the work country
  • De-register you with the authorities in the work country when you leave

What ATA will do for your company:

  • Register your company in the work country as a temporary foreign employer (if applicable)
  • Set-up and run a work country payroll and advise the company of any work country income tax/social contributions (if applicable) to be withheld at source and paid to the authorities
  • Provide access to a user friendly accounting platform (IRIS Free Agent). Through this you can upload any business expenses and easily view the company accounting records/bank movements. We will undertake the recording of income and expenses (please retain all receipts/invoices) and prepare the company accounts
  • Prepare and submit the company’s VAT returns in the UK and/or work country (if applicable)
  • Prepare and submit the annual UK company corporation tax return (form CT600), ensuring that all tax allowable expenses are recorded
  • Provide guidance and advice to ensure timely settlement of any corporation tax liability
  • Prepare and submit the annual company Confirmation Statement to Companies House
  • De-register the company with the work country authorities when you leave

Whether you are new to contracting, or an experienced contractor, we are here to assist and advise you from start to finish. Let ATA ensure that your experience of contracting through your limited company is a trouble free and rewarding experience.